Job Openings with ITB


  • Responsible for set-up, layout , and tack-up of various precision frame weldments and brackets.

  • Ability to weld out precision frames to drawing tolerances.

  • Ability to hold final required cosmetic finish with angle grinders and sanders.

  • Ability to use one ton crane in a safe manner.Using proper “rigging” setup is necessary.

  • Ability to move parts and heavy frames on and off machinery and throughout the facility.

  • Ability to read prints and drawings in both Metric and SI units.

  • Ability to learn to operate forklifts and other material handling equipment.


  1. Mig weld mild steel and aluminnum.

  2. Square up and weld various geometries of components.

  3. Weld both vertical and horizontal plane geometry.

  4. Understand various edge preps before welding.

  5. Good understanding of set up techniques.

  6. Meets agreed upon goals and objectives in a timely manner.

  7. Arrives to work, meetings, and other work-related functions on time and as scheduled.


  1. Interact with organizational team members and other departments in a professional manner.

  2. Serve as a member of various employee and organizational committees.

  3. Perform other duties as assigned.


  1. Experience either in a production or job shop environment.

  2. Demonstrated effective verbal, written, and communication skills.

  3. Valid driver’s license

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